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2015 Summer Activities

Dick (Don) Trolinger and Joanne

We were excited to have dinner with Dick and Joanne Trolinger while vacationing at South Lake Tahoe this summer. It was great fun seeing them and re-visiting our days at SBHS. Dick and two buddies golfed three days and attended the Century Golf Tournament while there.

Do you have any 2015 Summer Activities to share? Send the information and pictures, if you want, and we will post them on the Cardinal's Nest!

Barbara (Duncan) Colley Publishes 2nd Book

We received a message from Barbara (Duncan) Colley indicating she has just finished her memoirs and the book is now available.  It is titled, "99 Men and Me",  which is about her 50 years as a civil engineer, when the industry was a man's world.  It is currently available on Amazon. She states that the first chapter is all about SBHS. 

We have read Barbara's book and enjoyed it very much. She relates many very interesting experiences she had in her career as a Civil Engineer since graduation from SBHS. Get your copy soon!

Now available. . ."99 Men and Me" - B. C. Colley

Molly (Sefton) Keller Takes a Bite of History!



Do you remember your very first MacDonald's hamburger? Molly remembers her first one very well. Going home late one afternoon from a Scout meeting, Molly and her next door neighbor, Anita, cut across the new MacDonald's parking lot in San Bernardino. They could smell hamburgers cooking and then someone called to them from the rear of the building asking both of them if they wanted a hamburger. Molly reports, "Of course, we were happy to have a hamburger!" She now realizes that the man offering them hamburgers was one of the brothers who started the MacDonald's Fast Food stores.  He stated he was checking out the equipment for the Grand Opening the following day. Many years later, she read that MacDonald's was opening all over the world and realized that they may have been given the first MacDonald's hamburgers! She later sent this little story to the organization and received coupons for free burgers and a thanks for her story. Sometime later, a MacDonald's TV commercial depicted two young boys in a scenario similar to hers. Could it be that her real life story was the basis for this commercial? It surely could be Molly's "Claim to Fame"!




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