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to the Cardinal's Nest! This site is home for San Bernardino High School's Class of 1956!  We hope you enjoy your stay and return often.  Maybe, you will leave a message for other classmates to see. Let us all know how you are doing. Click on Blog.

We also welcome our Pacific High School 'Pirate' friends to the site and hope you too enjoy your stay!

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We are starting to get responses for the 60th Reunion! Looks like we are going to have a nice turnout, if the numbers hold up. If you didn't get your Flyer announcing the 60th Reunion, contact us with your address and we will get one to you!




Molly (Sefton) Keller Takes a Bite of History!



Do you remember your very first MacDonald's hamburger? Molly remembers her first one very well. Going home late one afternoon from a Scout meeting, Molly and her next door neighbor, Anita, cut across the new MacDonald's parking lot in San Bernardino. They could smell hamburgers cooking and then someone called to them from the rear of the building asking both of them if they wanted a hamburger. Molly reports, "Of course, we were happy to have a hamburger!" She now realizes that the man offering them hamburgers was one of the brothers who started the MacDonald's Fast Food stores.  He stated he was checking out the equipment for the Grand Opening the following day. Many years later, she read that MacDonald's was opening all over the world and realized that they may have been given the first MacDonald's hamburgers! She later sent this little story to the organization and received coupons for free burgers and a thanks for her story. Sometime later, a MacDonald's TV commercial depicted two young boys in a scenario similar to hers. Could it be that her real life story was the basis for this commercial? It surely could be Molly's "Claim to Fame"!

Ed Tubiola's Recovery

Had a great conversation with Ed recently. He had LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) surgery.  It is a kind of mechanical heart, placed inside of a person's chest where it helps the heart pump oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. He has been recovering for many months now, using a wheelchair and now a walker to get around. Recovery has been very difficult for him, but he is on the mend now and looking forward to hearing from classmates. Best Wishes for his speedy recovery!

Eugene Allender Passes

Eugene Allender, 77, passed away November 19, 2015 in San Bernardino.  Eugene, a Class of 1956 graduate, was a retired police lieutenant from the San Bernardino Police Department, a veteran of the US Navy, and a member of the San Bernardino Elks Lodge #836.


HELP us find lost classmates . . .

Help US . . .We have "undeliverable" mail from our first 55th Reunion flyer !


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